“Two Time Winner” By Abriella Sammy – 2011 Dan Wheldon Indianapolis 500 Victory Artwork

“Two Time Winner” By Abriella Sammy – 2011 Dan Wheldon Indianapolis 500 Victory Artwork


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The Hall of Fame Collection is pleased to offer this commemorative Dan Wheldon 2011 Victory Artwork by talented young Canadian artist Abriella Sammy. We commissioned this work in memory of the very popular British driver. The work will be available to view in person at the Ron Burton Studio in Speedway, Indianapolis during the run up to this year’s 103rd running of the iconic 500 mile race.

This truly stunning mixed media work (Resin, acrylic, clay, paper maché, powdered pigments and ink) comes on a birch plywood panel. Its size is 36 x 48 inches (92 x 122 cm).

Artist Abriella, studied Fine Arts at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and also graduated with a double major in Fine Arts History from the University of Toronto. She specializes in working with many different medias and has numerous pieces of her work on display worldwide.

Here is a full description of this work, in the artist’s own words:

“The piece starts on an abstract resined wood panel. This acts as the backdrop and sky. I chose calming and peaceful colours in respect to his passing and his wonderful legacy. The next layer is a silhouette style rendition of Dan Wheldon holding the two-time winner salute. This references a photograph taken after his 2011 Indy 500 win. From the stories I’ve heard of him and the research I’ve done, this photograph of Wheldon struck me as a beautiful representation of his character and captures a good moment celebrating this major achievement. The last layer is a 3 dimensional take on the Borg Warner wreath, complete with leaves, the ivory Cymbidium orchids, ribbons, chequered flags and, of course, the Borg Warner logo. This wreath was sculpted and carved out of clay, paper maché and wood and covered in acrylic paint, resin and spray paint. All three layers have been securely fastened and adhered together and then coated with one final layer of clear resin. This is my most intricate and complex piece to date as I did not want to leave any detail out when it came to a tribute to Dan Wheldon.”

This is the very first Motorsport artwork created by Abriella Sammy and the first is always special. It’s also the very first of its kind, and part of a collectable series from the Hall of Fame Collection Driver’s Champion Series. Other pieces are in the works and coming soon.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own a special piece of Motorsport and Original Art History.

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