Jaguar The Leaper Pouncing Cat Display Pieces

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Jaguar The Leaper Pouncing Cat Display Pieces


We are pleased to offer these fabulous original Jaguar Cars showroom ‘The Leaper’ pouncing cat display pieces. These stunning looking items replicate the iconic hood ornament that was seen on most Jaguar cars since the company’s inception in 1935. Unfortunately, in 2005, Jaguar decided to remove the ‘Leaper’ from its cars in line with safety standards and to reflect the company’s more modern, svelte, and aerodynamic approach.

These chromed plastic pieces were only produced for a few Jaguar Cars main showrooms in the U.K.  We have learned that many of these were destroyed when the company either refurbished or closed down showrooms. So it is believed not many of these display pieces survived.

We have in our inventory  two ‘Leaper’s’ consisting of one right pouncing and one left pouncing. These can either be displayed as one half on a wall or as two opposite halves that can be joined together to make a full complete pouncing ‘Leaper’ that would be an eye-catching addition to any collection. The size of these smaller ‘Leapers’ is, tip to tip, 62 inches (158cm), 13 inches (33cm) wide and 8 inches (20cm) deep.

We would like to point out that there as some light display marks/scratches on these items. These could quite easily be refurbished but since they have a bright chrome finish, these marks are barely noticeable.