Full Size Hall Of Fame Collection Race Suit Display Case

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Full Size Hall Of Fame Collection Race Suit Display Case


Hall of Fame Collection are proud to offer for the very first time the best solution for displaying your favourite race suits and or helmets.

For years we have been asked how do we display this item? The simple answer was we really did not know of many options available anywhere. Some collectors spent thousands of dollars having custom race suit frames made, yet this really didn’t do the suit justice and many of these didn’t match. Helmet wise, some helmet manufactures send a rectangle display case with their limited edition series helmets however more than 50% of the time these are damaged in shipping leaving collectors frustrated. Plus the mix and match displays never really give the collector the uniformed museum look their rare items deserve.

The wait is now over as we have custom designed and patented these flat pack displays that are easy to ship and easy to put together. They also match and are stackable. Pick your favourite wall and line up all the race suits in a row or stack 4 or 5 helmets on top of each other next to the suits. Go a step further and display a wall of helmets in these unique unmatched sleek design display cases. Good news we also have gloves and boots displays coming in the future too.

Only own one helmet or suit? That is not a problem, as these displays will showcase beautifully, all sides and top of your item on a wall, desk or table.

All displays are plus shipping.

Talk to our team on how to make the items look perfect as you build your first display on arrival.

Get your orders in today before our first batch at these introductory prices sell out.

This listing is for our all clear race suit display.

The dimensions of the suit display is: 24 inches wide, 10 inches deep and 66 inches high.