2016 Sebastian Vettel JMD Painted Abu Dhabi GP Promo F1 Helmet

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2016 Sebastian Vettel JMD Painted Abu Dhabi GP Promo F1 Helmet


A fabulous looking Sebastian Vettel Arai GP-6 helmet. This helmet was hand-painted by Jens Munser Designs with a ‘one race only’ 2016 Abu Dhabi design. Vettel would have had one or two race helmets painted to use for that weekend. This extra one was painted by JMD for promotional use/display. To be noted, these helmets were never offered for retail sale.

The helmet has a black, white and silver glitter triangle/oblong design over its surface. On the back of the helmet, there is a chrome Ferrari ‘Prancing Horse’. On its right side is Vettel’s ‘VS’ logo. On its left is Vettels’s race #5 in a black circle. Red, black and yellow stripes that signify the colors of Vettel’s home country, Germany, run over the left side top of the helmet from front to the back top. A white band runs around the top that has Kaspersky sponsorship lettering. There are also other sponsor decals, Santander and Riva, applied to the helmet and a Hublot decal to the visor. It also has the obligatory Scuderia Ferrari decals on the front top and visor.
This fantastic helmet would be a great addition to any collection (especially a Ferrari collection). It’s also a great chance to own a genuine Jens Munser Designs painted helmet. These JMD painted Vettel helmets never appear on the open market. So do not miss out on this rare opportunity to own one today.

The helmet comes with a full Certificate of Authenticity.