2000 Michael Schumacher Replica Scuderia Ferrari F1 Helmet

2000 Michael Schumacher Replica Scuderia Ferrari F1 Helmet


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Beautiful replica of Schumacher’s helmet he wore during 2000 F1 season, part way through the season he switched to this all red design to differentiate his look to that of his teammate Barrichello, who also sported a mainly white helmet with blue crown and red front half. Schumacher would continue to wear the all red helmet for the rest of his racing career.

In the 2000 F1 Season, Michael would go on to win his 3rd world championship and his first with Ferrari after a hard-fought season with Mika Hakkinen. To begin the season Schumacher would win the first three races of the season and five of the first eight. Schumacher’s luck would quickly turn midway through the season, suffering with three consecutive DNFs, allowing Hakkinen to close the gap in the championship race. Hakkinen would go on to take back-to-back victories before Schumacher would go on to win the Italian Grand Prix, equalling the number of wins (41), won by Ayrton Senna.

The championship fight would come down to the second last race of the season, the Japanese Grand Prix. Schumacher would go on to win the race and the Driver’s Championship. Although Schumacher won more than twice as many Grands Prix as Hakkinen, BBC Sport journalist Andrew Benson stated that “the challenge from Mika Hakkinen and McLaren-Mercedes was far stronger than the raw statistics suggest” and that the Adrian Newey-designed McLaren was “the fastest car in F1 for the third straight year”.

The helmet comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.