1993 Davey Hamilton Signed Indy 500 Used Simpson Shark IndyCar Helmet

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1993 Davey Hamilton Signed Indy 500 Used Simpson Shark IndyCar Helmet


After a successful career running in Super Modified cars a young Davey Hamilton was invited to try and qualify for the Indianapolis 500 starting field in 1993. Unfortunately Hamilton did not qualify for the race. Nevertheless, this is the helmet the American driver wore for practice and qualifying attempts at the famous speedway and bears all the scars and chips of trying to be one of the race day runners. He also used it in several other races during that period.

Painted by Cliber Designs it has Hamilton’s customary design of a blue/black fade base color with lighter blue square lines on its crown. Encircling the helmet, top and bottom, are yellow edged-in-white bands. Around the eye-port is a yellow edged-in-white panel and there are two smaller yellow/orange faded panels on either side that extend around the middle. Hamilton’s name in white, edged in blue, overlays these panels. On the back of the helmet in the bottom yellow band is a memorial tribute to Hamilton’s good friend Bill Vukovich III. This was present on all of Hamilton’s helmets throughout his career. Beneath this you’ll find the standard Indy 500 USAC tech sticker. The visor bears a ‘Hamilton’ sun strip. It comes with a full Certificate Of Authenticity.

This helmet comes from the famous Ron Burton Collection. The helmet is one of 170 helmets in which were on display at the famous Union Jack Pub in Speedway (Indianapolis) Indiana. Ron Burton was a famous artist who often traded his paintings with drivers for one of their helmets. We are proud to offer this unique collection of many rare helmets and artwork.