1985 Enrique Mansilla Race Used CART IndyCar Helmet

1985 Enrique Mansilla Race Used CART IndyCar Helmet


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This Helmet was used by Argentine driver Enrique Mansilla. In 1985 he raced in three CART IndyCar races for Hemelgarn Racing with a ninth-place finish in his debut. He is best known as Ayrton Senna’s earliest rival and pictures of Mansilla being grabbed by the throat by Senna can be seen all over the internet. This helmet was worn during one of his CART series races.

This Bell XFM-1 helmet comes from the famous Ron Burton Collection. The helmet is one of 170 helmets that were on display at the famous Union Jack Pub in Speedway (Indianapolis) Indiana. Ron Burton is a famous artist who often traded his paintings with drivers for one of their helmets. We are proud to offer this unique collection of many one-of-a-kind helmets and artwork.

The helmet comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity.