1979 Gilles Villeneuve Signed Ferrari F1 Rare Vintage Poster

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1979 Gilles Villeneuve Signed Ferrari F1 Rare Vintage Poster

A fantastic and very rare signed vintage poster of the late great Formula One driver Gilles Villeneuve. The French Canadian built a legendary reputation during his time in racing, demonstrating skill and daring that personified the ideals of Grand Prix racing in one of the most dangerous eras of motor sport racing ever. With his full-on aggressive, brave and ‘never-say-die’ style he captured the imagination of a vast international F1 audience and is still revered by many to this day.

This huge vintage 1970s period poster measures 39 x 28 inches (99 x 71 cm) and is in excellent undamaged condition. It shows a great front view shot of Villeneuve cornering in his 1979 Ferrari Flat-12 312T4. It has a portrait image of Villeneuve surrounded by a red Canadian Maple Leaf in the top right hand corner as well. It has been personally signed by Gilles Villeneuve, clearly and prominently, in black marker pen.

This is a wonderful one-off opportunity to own this great item, as it is doubtful if very many of these posters have survived the test of time, especially one that has been signed by the legendary driver himself.

The poster comes with a full Certificate Of Authenticity.

This would be a great poster to hang on your wall and make it part of your Ferrari/Formula One collection.