1978 James Hunt Original Rare Lowenbrau McLaren F1 Suit

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1978 James Hunt Original Rare Lowenbrau McLaren F1 Suit

Very rare, original Simpson suit made for James Hunt for use during the 1978 Formula 1 season while driving for Marlboro Team McLaren.

As a self-confident, competitive and determined youth he taught himself to play tennis and squash to a high standard. On his 18th birthday he saw his first race, a club meeting at Silverstone, and immediately decided that he was going to become World Champion.

Many of his early races ended in huge accidents. In Formula Three cars ‘Hunt the Shunt’ had even bigger accidents, but eventually learned to stay on the track long enough to win races. As a racer his volatile mixture of adrenaline and testosterone made him among the hardest of chargers. However his reputation as a wild man with middling race results meant it unlikely he would have gone much further without the help of Lord Alexander Hesketh.

In 1973 Hesketh Racing entered F1 and in 1975 Hunt would pick up his first GP victory with the team. By 1976 a move to McLaren resulted in six more wins and the World Championship title that year. Over the next two seasons Hunt picked up only 3 more GP wins before moving to Wolf Racing for his final season in 1979.

With a total of only 7 seasons in F1, very few suits and helmets were ever used by the British F1 World Champion, making this suit a very rare piece. Lowenbrau sponsored the McLaren Ford M26 at the United States Grand Prix East, and team mate Tambay is pictured wearing the matching suit. Hunt was also seen using the blue version of this suit that weekend.

With very few original James Hunt suits in the collecting world, don’t hesitate to snap this one up for your collection today.

The suit comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity.