1977 A.J. Foyt Indy 500 Winning Original Ron Burton Artwork

1977 A.J. Foyt Indy 500 Winning Original Ron Burton Artwork


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Fantastic original artwork of the Indianapolis 500 by artist Ron Burton. It was composed to celebrate the legendary Anthony Joseph Foyt’s fourth Indianapolis 500 win in 1977. For the uninitiated, Texan A.J. Foyt is considered one of  the best, if not the best, North American racing drivers in history. Winning races, titles, and championships in virtually every form of four-wheel racing possible, including Sprint, Midget, Indy, Stock, and sports cars, Foyt now owns and runs an IndyCar racing team.

As the 1977 race unfolded a hard-fought battle ensued and with just 20 laps to go,  Gordon Johncock led Foyt by 10 seconds. As Foyt began to close the margin. Johncock made his final stop on lap 181. Two laps later, Foyt also made his final stop. With Johncock still in front, the gap was narrowed down to only 7 seconds. Suddenly, as Johncock hit the main stretch, a huge cloud of smoke came from his car and he was forced to veer to the inside and was sidelined by a broken crankshaft. Foyt inherited the lead with only 16 laps to go and held a near 30-second lead over second-place Tom Sneva. Foyt was able to ease back and cruise comfortably over the final 15 laps and became the first driver to win the Indianapolis 500 four times.

This 30 x 40 inch (76 x 101cm) acrylic on stretched canvas work has three portraits of the great man. Each depicting various periods during the race, with him relaxing before the race in the left image. The middle image has Foyt sitting in-car with his helmet on and finally the right image has him in the winner’s circle wearing a Goodyear cap. In the foreground there’s a front view of Foyt’s winning Ford-powered Coyote and in the background are the Indianapolis Motor Speedway wings and wheel logo.

This is truly a stunning and detailed piece, which we at Hall of Fame Collection consider one of Ron Burton’s finest works.

The piece comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity.