1976/78 James Hunt McLaren Race Used Rear Wing Part

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1976/78 James Hunt McLaren Race Used Rear Wing Part


This aerodynamic rear wing formed part of the full wing that was attached to the either of James Hunt’s M23 or M26 Marlboro McLarens. This part is the bottom mainstay of the wing and would have had its endplates and adjustable top wing attached to it. It also had riveted support stanchion attached to its bottom that would then have been bolted to the rear of the car. From what we have learned, this wing is most probably from one of Hunt’s two accidents he had at the Long Beach Grand Prix in either 1976 or 1978. Both times the rear wing of his car was damaged.

The hand-fabricated all aluminum part is painted in the ‘Marlboro McLaren’ Florescent orange/red. It shows all the scars of battle and on its underside has the fixing holes were the support stanchion was attached.

The wing comes with a full Certificate of Authenticity.

This great item used on a former World Champions car, would not fantastic added to any collection.