1965 Rodger Ward Rare Race Used Indy 500 Suit

1965 Rodger Ward Rare Race Used Indy 500 Suit


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Very rare race suit worn by Roger Ward during the 1965 IndyCar season. Ward can be seen using the suit during qualifying for the Indy 500 in 1965. Ironically the exact same style race suit was worn by Jim Clark on race day where he famously won the race.

Rodger M. Ward was a World War II P-38 aviator in the United States Army Air Forces, and an American race driver with 26 victories in top echelon open-wheel racing in North America, scoring two Indianapolis 500 victories, and two USAC National Championships. He also conceived the classic tri-oval design and layout of Pocono International Raceway, modeled after his three favorite signature turns, at Trenton, Indianapolis and Milwaukee.

The suit comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity.