1966 A.J. Foyt Sheraton-Thompson Lotus Indy 500 Ron Burton Original Artwork

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1966 A.J. Foyt Sheraton-Thompson Lotus Indy 500 Ron Burton Original Artwork

A very special piece of motorsport history believed to be one of Ron Burton’s first, if not very first, racing compositions. As seen in local newspaper articles in the late ’60s, this painting and a few others, were featured with Ron stating that he had only started to concentrate on Motorsports art recently after a friend had asked him to compose a piece for him. Previously, before moving to Indianapolis from California, Ron had only drawn Hot Rods. This is believed to be that particular piece of artwork and one which spawned other works Ron produced in this style that eventually were reproduced into collector print sets.

The work is of Indy 500 legend and a good friend A.J. Foyt, driving his Sheraton-Thompson Kuzma Lotus 34, entering turn one at the 1966 Indianapolis 500. Foyt qualified on pole position for the race but dropped out after 115 laps due to gearbox problems. The 28 x 18 inch work’s media is in chalk crayon on velvet art paper, which makes the main image stand out from its background. The work is not only signed by Ron Burton but is also signed by A.J. Foyt with a dedication. Ron Burton often appeared on A.J.’s crews for the Indy 500.

The background story on how this piece was commissioned and where it has been for the past 50 plus years is even more fascinating. Paul Rose was a Goodyear tire technician and a big fan of Foyt’s. He asked Ron if he could draw racecars and he said he had never tried but would give it a shot. The piece was created shortly after the 66 Indy 500 and signed for Paul by the then 2-time Indy 500 winner. This artwork remained with Paul for the rest of his life (he passed away in 1979). His widow Peggy Rose was fond of the artwork and kept it hanging in her home for many years when she recently decided that it should go to a new home. This iconic image has been seen many times over as it was later released as a print in Burton’s well known set of 4 series.

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The artwork comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity.