1933/34 Tazio Nuvolari RAC Ulster Tourist Trophy Signed Documents and Race Win Number Board

1933/34 Tazio Nuvolari RAC Ulster Tourist Trophy Signed Documents and Race Win Number Board


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A wonderful collection of ephemera, including a racing number plate, that documents the career of the great Italian racer Tazio Nuvolari and his participation in the 1934 RAC Ulster Tourist Trophy event that was held at the Ards Circuit, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Nuvolari had entered the T.T. event three times before in 1930, 31 & 33, eventually winning the race in 1933 in a MG Magnette K3. The 1933 race winning number 17 plate was given to Nuvolari as a souvenir of his win, which is documented in one of the letters in this collection. This ‘race number/licence plate’ has been photo matched as belonging to the car Nuvolari drove in this race.

The correspondence sent by Nuvolari is addressed to Cecil Kimber, the founder and then managing director of M.G. cars, and states his intention of entering the 1934 event in the same car that he used the year before, as well as other details of the race. The four letters and one telegram bare the signature of the great racer. Three of the letters are signed with Nuvolari’s initials, the other letter has his full signature and the telegram has his surname signature.

The collection includes other paperwork, including original photographs of the great Italian racing driver. In addition, accounts of the 1933 race and and an accompanying letter from a previous owner verify the race number plate acquisition.

Tazio Nuvolari, a legend in his own lifetime, was known as “Il Montavano Volante”, the “Flying Mantuan”. He epitomized courage and daring and for 30 years he amazed the racing world with his exploits on both two and four wheels. After serving in the Italian Army he started racing motorcycles seriously when he was 28. His riding style was noticed by the powerful Bianchi team and he became a team member and eventually Italian champion. Nuvolari began racing cars in 1924 at the age of 32 while still competing in motorcycles and amassed many race wins including five wins at the Coppa Ciano, two at the Mille Miglia, two victories at the Targa Florio, two RAC Tourist Trophies, a 24 Hours of Le Mans victory and a European Championship. Yet he’s rarely held in the same regard as the likes of Fangio, Schumacher, Villeneuve or Senna, despite Ferdinand Porsche declaring him the “the greatest driver of the past, the present and the future.” This is, in part, because Nuvolari was racing pre-Formula One World Championship which started in 1950, so his 24 Grand Prix victories lack the same notoriety as his more modern counterparts. Nuvolari was arguably the most courageous racer to have ever lived. His accomplishments certainly rival that of Senna, Fangio and Schumacher and, without question, Nuvolari was the greatest of his era.

This is a very exclusive collection as Tazio Nuvolari items rarely come to the open market and his signature is highly sort after by collectors.

As for the race number plate, it is very doubtful that there are many, if any, of this kind of Nuvolari race winning memorabilia on the open market today.

The original signatures are priced between $2,000-$4,000 each. See photos of the signed items and number plate below for exact pricing.

Or you can own the complete collection of 5 original signatures, the original race winning number plate and the many original photos and postcards which will be included.

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