The ultimate prize for a collector of authentic and race-used Formula One merchandise are the helmets of the drivers.

These one-of-a-kind helmets are usually designed to the individual tastes of the drivers, which makes them even more special. Finding one, much less obtaining one, can be extremely difficult since drivers receive only so many per season and many of them are kept or contracted to give to team owners or sponsors. Drivers also trade helmets with each other so very few remain.

Outside of owning a race-worn helmet, obtaining some amazing exact replicas can also be a great investment. These high-quality replicas we have available often sell fast. 

Helmets from the collection of Michael Schumacher or fellow seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton are the elite to acquire, but helmets of standout drivers such as former champions or current stars like two-time runnerup Valtteri Bottas (shown above) can be difficult to get one’s hands on.

Some of the coolest, signed, race-used helmets of these stars are the most rare, and Hall of Fame Collection not only offers some of those but also other helmets of F1 drivers that are more affordable. The list below shows some of the helmets that would be terrific for any collector of rare grand prix items.

All Hall of Fame Collection items come with a Certificate of Authenticy and remember, these items provided by the drivers are limited, so act quickly to secure your favorite(s).