We recently had the huge honour of being invited down to Tony Stewart’s house where we spent 3 full days authenticating and documenting his extensive helmet collection.


With close to 350 helmets to go through, it’s one of the world’s biggest collections and our team successfully determined every helmet’s history including the driver’s name that used it, the series it was raced in and the year it was worn. This was no easy task seeing that Tony’s helmet collection dated all the way back to the 1940’s and all the way to 2019, including helmets from race series such as Nascar, IndyCar, F1, Supercross, Midgets, Silver Crown, Sprint Car racing and more. 


Each helmet was photographed and placed neatly back in the cabinet by Stewart himself who rolled his sleeves up and was fully hands-on for the task at hand. 


Take a look behind the scenes with Darren L. Jack and Tony Stewart as they take a walk through the room while the work was being done.